Our Natural Dyes

Our Natural Dyes

Non-toxic dyes. Fresh colors. Ethically made. 

At Grey State, we know it's not enough to make beautiful clothes. They have to truly earn a place in your closet, not just with seasonless styles and soft fabrics, but with sustainable manufacturing processes and ethical supply chains. Because we know that you share our commitment to being gentler on the earth, we’re always looking for new ways to make our garments more sustainable so you can feel great about putting them on again and again.

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Natural Dye Collection

 This season, we’re excited to share with you our natural dye collection, a curated capsule of pieces in colors that aren’t just reminiscent of the beauty of nature, they are the beauty of nature. Made with 100% traceable mineral dyes, these eco-friendly dyes are not only stunning, but they’re natural and biodegradable. 
Natural dyes are an excellent alternative to the petroleum-based dyes that dominate the fashion industry and, we believe, are a solid investment in the future. All of our mineral dyes are GOTS V approved and free of toxic heavy metals making them safe for workers and wearers alike. Plus, they can be processed at lower temperatures, which saves on water and energy use in manufacturing. Simply put, natural dye is our way of coloring a more beautiful tomorrow and we can’t wait to share it with you!
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