The Protective Jacket

The Protective Jacket

Reliable protection in an unreliable world.

We ask a lot of our clothes. Every piece designed by Grey State must be effortlessly stylish, irresistibly soft, breathable, packable, machine washable, and it has to meet our standards of ethical production and sustainability. Why do we work this hard? Because you work this hard. We know you’re already doing it all, and we want to make clothes that you love to wear because you never have to worry about them.

But let’s face it, this year has thrown a LOT at you. The world is scarier than it was a year ago, and the things we used to do on autopilot now take more planning, caution and forethought. That’s why our latest design works extra hard to give you one less thing to worry about. 

The Protective Jacket

Your own personal safeguard.

The Protective Jacket offers exactly what its name implies; reliable protection in an unreliable world. The jacket is enhanced with innovative HeiQ HyProTecht – a Swiss antimicrobial* technology which prevents microbes and bacteria from harboring in fabric. 

Think of our Protective Jacket as your own personal safeguard between you and the rest of the world. With elasticated cuffs, hem, and hood, it keeps you and your favorite clothes safer from microbes that might otherwise be transmittable through fabrics and soft surfaces.


The Protective Jacket

The ideal final layer for on the go or on the job, the Protective Jacket is lightweight, and seasonless, making it indispensable for essential errands and travel. Zip it over our Protective Sunday Hoodie with its built in face mask, for the perfect combo of softness and security. You’ll breathe easier knowing that every layer of antimicrobial fabric is hard at work.

Lightweight and easily packable for an on-the-go lifestyle.

Portable simplicity at its finest, whether your travel takes you across town or across country.

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